@NODUS Modular

@Nodus-BGMS Module: A Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1 Module PCBA. Sells as blanks (no program inside) or Pre-loaded with program. A plug-in module to other electrical products to give Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

@Nodus-BGMS Module, is a state of art modular BLE PCBA. It is an equipment based member component of the @NodusNET Ecosystem. The BGMS Module is the End Device Node of an IoT Solution that performs application specific tasks by providing a widely used consumer standard wireless connectivity – Bluetooth 4.1 Technology. @Nodus-BGMS Module aims to be integrated into any new or existing electrical or electronics automation systems. Furthermore it provides users with immediate control, monitoring status, data transfer via direct wireless Bluetooth Smart connectivity to our common daily used Smartphones, Tablet computers and Personal computers from both leading global operating systems namely Apple’s iOS and Android.

@Nodus-BGMS Module when utilized as a group (more than 1 device), will form a MESH network that links all the ‘nodes’ together hence creating an applications rich network directly accessible by a Smartphone.



@Nodus-Light (@NL), is a new ALL-IN-ONE, Smart IoT Controller, Reader and Beacon wireless communication standalone equipment. It is a member component of the @NodusNET Ecosystem. The @NL is an end Node of a complete IoT Solution that performs applications by providing Bluetooth smart (BLE) wireless interface with our daily used Smartphones. @NL features Smartphone and Tablet* users with smart Control, Monitoring status and RFID** experiences using mobile applications (APP) from both leading global operating systems namely Apple’s iOS and Android OS.

@Nodus-Light (@NL) is smart a Control and Monitoring device designed to interact externally with general electrical appliances like lighting luminaires, fan, door access, motor controls and any automation. Separately for lighting luminaires controls, the @NL has a built-in light level dimming control signal output port.


Battery operated User’s personal remote control switch that is capable to be configured via a mobile APP to control all @Nodus compatible nodes and devices in the similar ecosystem.

The @Nodus-Wall targets potentially to replace OR behaves as an alternative role towards all conventional wired wall switches by looking exactly like a conventional wall switch but has the flexibility to be removed from the wall and placed anywhere else desired.

The abilities of an @Nodus-Wall is not limited to turning ON or OFF integrated @Nodus node devices i.e. Lighting nodes, Fans, Dimmers, Air-conditioners but incorporates personalized grouping control of multiple smart devices to ease the control as a master switch to turn ON the Kitchen air-conditioner at 22degC, high fan, set the Dining room dimmer to 45%, set the ceiling fan to Med, ALL by pressing just ONE button.

Operating from a tiny CR2450 coin cell, the @NW can lasts up to 2year(s) based on normal usage.



@Nodus-Wifi-Gateway @NGW, as a member of the @Nodus Ecosystems is the main central networking hub to all member devices via its built in WiFi, LAN and dual mode Bluetooth connectivity channels.

@NGW allows all @Nodus smart devices to be remotely controlled and configured. Remote means using the Internet connectivity to control all @Nodus smart devices from any corner of the world.

Besides controlling all device from afar, the @NGW is digital butler of a home or office space that monitors all smart devices (including sensors), more importantly collecting data to be passed back to manufacturers or product owners on a 24/7 365days basis.

@NGW as a hub also provides the widest expansion of features to befriend any other platforms or ecosystems that is Internet Cloud driven. From the emerging IoT market of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by using Voice control instead of a normal APP, the @NGW is compatible to work with Amazon’s Echo, Google’s Home and Apple’s HomeKit.