@NodusNET End-to-End IoT Platform

@Nodus™, pronounced as {‘At’ Nodus} is abbreviated from the symbol ‘@’ meaning location and a Latin originated word ‘Nodus’ for Node or point or the heart of a one Thing.

While the IoT (Internet of Things) is made up of many Things, @Nodus takes the first fundamental step in making a Node or a Thing smart by having wireless connectivity and subsequently getting the ability to interact with the other Nodes or Things wirelessly hence creating a Wireless Network of Nodes or Things.

From One Node to Many Nodes, the @Nodus™ Network of Things are formed by Smart embedded electronics appliances or products like Lighting control apparatuses, Fans, Air-conditioners, Heaters and electronics gadgets like Thermostats, Humidity Sensors, Motion Sensors that talks wirelessly to each other.

From the @Nodus™ Network of Connected Things, follows the interaction with our human Smartphones and getting connected to the Internet, providing endless capabilities and benefits to both the Users and the Manufacturers.

To the Users, @Nodus™ provides the best in user experiences in comfort, security and convenience with their purchased Smart Products. Hence improving their daily lives.

To the Manufacturers, @Nodus™ realizes the IoT’s Big Data by data and information generated by their own devices that is submitted into Smart Cloud computing to provide Business and Data Analytics in order to improve products quality and better visibility management of their customers and products already deployed out into the market.